It’s time to take back control of your health care dollars. Hospital bills are sky rocketing out of control. Hospital Direct allows you to gain more control over medical costs and customize a provider network that works for you, your employees and your pocket book. Our direct contracting terms are fair, sustainable and work for all stakeholders because they see a value in the customized rates, technology and administrative support. 

According to Reuters and the American Medical Association, in 2016 health care costs averaged $10,348.00 per employee per year. 2017 saw a 4.65 increase and 2018 a 5.3% increase. 

80% of your employees obtain services from the same top 100 providers. This is the case with Hospitals as well. Most of your employees prefer one hospital system over another. 

Hospital Direct maximizes the direction of your benefit design with fixed cost contracts with hospitals. Our direct contracting agreements allow employers and providers to develop innovative partnerships, and bring efficiency and control to your health plan. 


We offer an integrated approach to managing your company’s health care. We start with our Hospital Direct contracts and include a comprehensive, exclusive physician network thru Health West that directs patients to the most cost effective care. We pair that with an extensive, broad PPO Network that offers access to a variety of physicians and ancillary providers. 

With over 50 years of experience in hospital and provider contracting, we have developed a proprietary system which allows you access to the best discounts as one of the ways we keep your plan costs low. At the same time, provide your members access to a variety of healthcare providers. 

With the custom network process your benefit plan can steer to the best discounted providers through benefit plan design. Your members will still have access to the same providers they are accustomed to using, however, by choosing differently, they can hep save money.

Most groups using this strategy have lower deductibles, lower renewal increases and happier employees.