Additional Information

Health care cost increases have outpaced inflation for years. A consistently managed, high performance networks can save the health plan between 7-15% on claims costs and 5-10% of fixed costs. Our enhanced benefits and tiered networks are designed to help employer groups contain and manage healthcare costs, direct the members to appropriate care and assist the member in finding quality providers at the best price. Our incentives are directly aligned with the employer’s incentives - We are devoted to the interests and goals of our clients. 


To date, employers have relied on the same instruments for managing healthcare costs; network discounts, provider access and increased cost-sharing with employees. Employers can impact healthcare quality and cost by working with Health West to create a high performing custom network built just for them. By managing the network and the costs on an ongoing basis the employer can enjoy better discounts and keep out of pocket costs affordable for their employees.

Tiered Benefits

With the custom network process your benefit plan can steer to the best discounted providers through benefit plan design. Your members will still have access to the same providers they are accustomed to using. However, by choosing differently, they can help save the plan money.

Most groups using this strategy have lower deductibles, lower renewal increases and happier employees.